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2. The best servers usually want tips, because they can make more at a tipping establishment.

It’s not the “best” servers according to studies, it’s often the most attractive and non minority servers.

I don’t have any opinion either way about his conclusion/opinion but this is the first article I could find. I first heard about this on Freakonomics



It’s not about self maintenance == attractive. It’s about that pretty 25 year old blond girl vs the overweight 55 year old Black Guy - I’m just trying to go to the opposite ends of what society finds attractive.

I'm not saying self-maintenance == attractiveness, I'm saying that no matter what industry you're in there's some minimum level of something you need to maintain to be acceptable for work.

For me as a syseng that's getting enough sleep, staying ahead of my field and basic hygiene. I'm not in the best health but I'm also not in a position where I can get a lot of people sick.

I'm overweight and as a result my skin is terrible. Not so much that people notice but I certainly don't think that I should have my hands in anyone's food.

Unless you're giving each customer's meals a nice massage before serving them, your skin condition means nothing from a hygiene POV if you're acting as a server or a host.

That is only true to a point.

I'm reminded of the time I waited 90 minutes on line for Shake Shack (original location, when it first opened) and as I got closer to the front saw that the cashier had a visible and severe herpes outbreak that looked like it wasn't being treated. She kept scratching at her face and then touching peoples' money.

I noped on out of there. No thank you.

Evidentally, I am a hypocrite.

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