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Why did you build it? What was your motivation? I tried it, and I have no idea why would I spam my friends with link so they would describe me. I have absolutely no interest in that, and I would feel really stupid sending anyone link like that.

Did you actually felt the need to have such a website? Or you just figured people will like it? How did you figure that out?

Please, share.

Most people have a strong interest in how others perceive them, including yourself: "I would feel really stupid sending anyone link like that." You're probably part of a culture where publicly asking others what they think of you is frowned on.

It's not the culture. I care about what people think about me, but not as much as asking my friends to describe me it three words.

I think I understand it now. People use this, because they wanna hear people saying good things about them. I think most people would send link to their friends, because they don't feel very confident about themselves.

It's the basic principle of Facebook (or of whatever Facebook turned into) - people post things so they would get positive feedback and they would feel better about themselves.

Well speaking for myself, I am pretty clueless on stuff like whether people think the things I say are generally interesting or generally boring. I wouldn't be ashamed to use Mark's site to try and learn stuff about myself. Of course, I'm sure the factors you mention provide subconscious motivation as well.

Yes, we're part of a mature culture. We do not incessantly need to be digitally liked by others who we don't really know.

Teenagers are always looking for services like this one.

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