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The following until you no longer have issues handling the traffic (which might be right after step 2).

1. Upgrade your linode to something around 2 Gig for now.

2. Start playing with your MySQL or Postgresql config (assuming you're not already using redis or something similar, in which case just throw more RAM at the box). Google performance settings for your DB of choice and look for relevant posts to the memory you have.

3. If there's anything cachable, install memcached and implement it.

4. Purchase a second linode and move your database to it.

5. Upgrade each VPS as needed.

6. At this point you get into fancy scaling and there are loads of options. You should have plenty of breathing room by this point though and can plan it out.

Upgrading to the 4 gig linode as we speak. this is getting kind of ridiculous.

The linode guys are great. You might want to flip them an email and let them know you're getting hit. Could speed up the resizing etc.

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