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Would it be possible to see your Facebook app? I'm curious to see what traits these fast growing apps have in common in person.

Sorry. It got banned from platform for a few reasons including tagging photos that didn't have people in them. (Similar to the cartoons that people upload and tag their friends as characters).

In general the biggest trait is that the app is built around sharing. Apps where sharing is a secondary feature generally do much worse in comparison to those where the whole point of the app is to share something. Even successful games on the Facebook platform universally require users to share content with friends to progress.

Many of the most basic viral apps are simply based around sending gifts to friends. If 10% of users that receive some sort of virtual gift then go on to send it to an average of 11 friends, your app will be highly viral in no time.

That's really interesting. My recent viral app, Profile Banner, also utilizes tagging of photos without people. How long did it take before your app was banned?

2 words: self-interest.

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