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Adsense. With only about 10k hits a day, my bedtime calculator http://sleepyti.me brings in $10-$20/day. At the rate you're getting users, you could probably bring in a significant load of cash. Good luck!

"Sleepyti.me is provided as a free service thanks to support from our ads."

I don't know if you read the "Sacked by a Google Algorithm" article from yesterday. http://www.duckworksmagazine.com/11/columns/guest/winter/ind... The comment you make on the results page sounds dangerously close to what got Adsense to boot him.

Thanks for the tip. I saw that article on HN the other day, but the wording is designed to encourage people to leave adblock disabled to see relevant, sleep-related ads. You might be right though, it's always better safe than sorry; I'll look into clarifying the wording there. Wouldn't want to offend my Google overlords!

Depends on the niche and the website. I have made a blogspot blog and brought it to 4% CTR and $20 CPM. That's +$200 a day.

those are good stats. Care to share the URL?

Curious: What kind of traffic sources are you getting? I notice an FB like button, is that the sole source?

Facebook and Twitter help spread the message to new users, as well as a nice daily referral from StumbleUpon.

A few people have posted my URL to social news sites like Reddit and Digg, but even when those gain traction it's usually just a few thousand and quite short-lived.

Hey Shaw, it sounds interesting. Can u guide me about how u started this project and contacted Adsense. I wanna start one like this and make some earning.

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