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Creator of levels.fyi here - a big part of making the site was to highlight the economic impact of working a technical job and the exponential growth it comes with as you progress in your career (Glassdoor sucked at showing this). There are just more & better opportunities the farther you go!

Yep, it can be a big motivator. I think companies should dangle those numbers around more. “Competitive compensation” doesn’t really mean anything. Saying top engineers can earn >$1M will make a lot of people ask “what do I need to do to be a top engineer?”

Huge fan. Not only is it great to see the data there, but the story that it tells is super compelling too. I myself wasn't sure just how much more worth it was to think about the BigCo game but now, after so many bouts at growth stage startups and plateauing out, I'm seriously considering it.

Hey, thanks for the site - it's pretty cool.

I was curious what made you pick your cities, though. Data availability? Boulder and not Boston surprised me.

Just added Boston to the filter dropdown. Honestly, we've just been adding cities as we go and totally overlooked Boston, thanks for pointing it out!

Hey, that's really cool. Thanks!

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