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> Some would say that Google, in all its free lunch glory, doesn't respect its employees that well consider they've had employees go on strike due to their policies.

The protests were mostly against sexual abusers/harassers and the arbitration policies. Are you implying that most other tech companies haven't had any executive-level sexual harassers? That most other tech companies don't have forced-arbitration policies?

How many other companies openly allow their employees to organize protests through company emails and forums? Not many. The open culture is what allows people to protest.

Disclaimer: I work at Google.

But they did retaliate against the organisers - some of whom have since left.

Most I got for mine (leading an actual strike) was a written reprimand -probably forced by the hr manger of a certain BT division (not the one I worked in)

Did mange to change company policy and get several k people a better pension later on.

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