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> when someone pays you more, they respect you more

I can't stress this enough. The more I charged as a consultant, the more my clients would shut up and heed my advice.

The lesson every consultant, including me, seems to have to learn on their own.

When I went out on my own a few years back, it was a rush to sign any client at an hourly rate not that much higher than my previous salary rate. Those first clients were rough.

As you’re saying, I’ve also seen first hand the more I charge the more people take my suggestions seriously, and overall the better the clients are for my business. Go figure.

My first boss started to respect me after we had a shouting negotiation with him over my work contract. The employer-employee relationship is weird and toxic as hell.

Work long hours? Develop additional tool during your free time? Help clients more than your job requires? You are a sucker.

Manage to shout enough to get a raise? Now you are a champion.

> The employer-employee relationship is weird and toxic as hell.

Doesn't need to be in my experience, both the employee and employer can respect each other even when they don't get along well on personal level. However it is actually quite interesting that it is a relationship that can be weird and toxic, while still providing (economical) value for both parties.

I had some healthy relationships with bosses, but every employer I had who was a decent human ended up being fired by shareholders.

And yes, the strength of free market and capitalism is to transform greed and all the behaviors that come with it into a fuel that helps the economy for everyone. It does not transform these into virtues though...

Every time I hear these stories, I'm reminded of this classic Ribbonfarm post:


That's pretty close to class warfare IMO. I like this passage:

"A Sociopath with an idea recruits just enough Losers to kick off the cycle. As it grows it requires a Clueless layer to turn it into a controlled reaction rather than a runaway explosion. Eventually, as value hits diminishing returns, both the Sociopaths and Losers make their exits, and the Clueless start to dominate. Finally, the hollow brittle shell collapses on itself and anything of value is recycled by the sociopaths according to meta-firm logic."

This realization has stopped me from trying to hire people. I don't think I have the shoulders to be the chief sociopath.

I've had the same experience. Whenever there's money involved, people will take advantage of you unless you adequately convince them it's a mistake.

Maybe it's only made toxic by those who need to shout to negotiate a raise.

I know people who have killed for a couple thousand dollars. It's no surprise I've met many others who will lie, cheat, and connive for more. If people think you're a weakling, they will rob you. As a normal employee, you don't have many options for defending yourself besides clear verbal argument and leaving for greener pastures.

I hope you can make your way toward a less noxious & more trusting version of the human experience.

It's mean out here on these streets I'm from. I envy you.

You don't envy me, you don't know anything about me.

Well, you seem less noxious and more trusting.

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