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> But that's exactly the kind of employee that most businesses want: interchangeable bricklayers.

That's what they want... until their needs change.

I did a contract at a company where I was the test automation guy. The dev team didn't want to right tests, and they were happy to convert requirements thrown over wall A into the code the threw over wall B. The QA team caught the wall B code, and threw their results over wall D. Things took forever, but everyone was happy... until pressure to ship faster started to come down from the top.

To speed things up, they hired me to automate all the things. Well, the dev team weren't interested in helping me learn anything, and the dev manager even told me to my face that he wouldn't ass test coverage unless management asked him to & gave him extra time to make that happen. The QA team weren't coders, and they didn't really have any incentive to help me make things go faster. The build & release guy wasn't interested in getting tests integrated into the Rube Goldberg of a process that he managed.

They were all great bricklayers who told themselves they were agile because they had 1 week sprints, daily stand ups, and a all sorts of other processes. But when taking forever was no longer good enough, instead of trying to grow with it, they resisted & fought it. My role was pretty miserable, and I quit after a few months. On my way out the door, I learned that I was like the 5th person to walk, and they were planning on seeking interchangeable bricklayer #6.

In my experience, companies want interchangeable bricklayers, but they usually don't usually like the results of what they asked for.

That's a totally broken culture / machine. Unfortunately, they're out there.

> but they usually don't usually like the results of what they asked for.

We're not allowed to say it work because someone thought it was a race thing but... 'pay peanuts, get monkeys'

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