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It seems like tricky wording used by businesses to pay people less. Tell people in your job description that you offer "opportunities for career growth" and they hear "opportunities to get rich". Then when they're actually working there you just change the meaning to some kind of title inflation or meaningless training or additional responsibilities for the same pay.

> even worse, additional responsibilities for the same pay

FWIW, and I say this acutely aware that I'm of the "don't give them what you don't owe them" tribe, additional responsibilities for the same pay are how I got the broad skillset that got me to the point where I'm a principal developer with a hand in every part of our project--which is, in addition to no-complaints compensated, genuinely a lot of fun. I took on those responsibilities as an investment in myself; admittedly the key was finding high-value, high-leverage responsibilities, but it was for me more than for my current employer.

Few enough people are going to pay you to learn something on their dime if you don't already show a ton of promise. Broadening your skillset is, IMO, how you get to the next job.

I couldn't agree more. Talk is cheap. Take that that extra responsibility on and prove to everyone, including yourself, that you're capable. Use the experience and knowledge as leverage with your current employer or a new one. It's a lot easier to ask for a raise or high pay showing what you have done than what you could do.

I think "opportunities for career growth" is very similar to how graphic designers or musicians are always pitched that they should do work for someone for low/no pay because it will get them "more exposure". There is the possibility that the growth opportunity will end up being a good investment with regard to future financial returns, but I think the most likely case is that it will just end up with the person doing the work losing out on money.

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