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While technically this is true, it is rare (and sounds nerdy) for English speakers who are familiar with Kazakhstan to actually use the word "Kazakhstani" or especially "Kazakhstanian." The word "Kazakh" is used informally to refer to natives or citizens of Kazakhstan when the meaning is clear from the context. Similar to how "Americans" (which could arguably refer to any North or South American) is used instead of "U.S. citizens." Or "Saudis." At least that was my experience from living in K'stan for 4 years in the '90's.

I didn't know that. I'm not a native English speaker. If this is actually an established way to informally address Kazakhstan citizens in English, then it's OK, I do not object.

But I'm still skeptical about it. I think in my own speech I'll stick to "Kazakhstanian" (despite the word "Kazakh" is so much easier to type). Because I'm just used to make distinction between words "Kazakh" and "Kazakhstanian" when I speak Kazakh and Russian languages (most popular ones in Kazakhstan).

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