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The parent said they didn't know what for-in was, which implies they were using a language like C for their side projects which only has for (i=0;i<n;i++) loops.

You can google that in 2 seconds. A CS degree isn't going to help you there if you have not covered a language that uses iterators.

Any self-respecting computer science degree education should cover at least one language that has iterators or enhanced enumeration.

My CS degree (2002-2006) did not explicitly cover "for x in y" iterators. But it did cover an understanding of algorithms and data structures well enough that I could implement one.

Which is better? YMMV.

That was probably before they were really in style e.g. C# didn't add foreach / iterators until ~2005 with v2.0 and your curriculum probably lags a bit behind the industry state-of-the-art unless it was Ivy league

It has not been very long since CS degrees were taught entirely in C89 or C++98, and there are a lot of us who won't touch Python or Java unless forced to.

exactly - I had a similar learning curve (and no CS degree) where I could never remember what certain methods did but I knew exactly what to google for the answer

That or they only used `while` (and friends if available in the language) loops.

Sounds like you didn't read the parent post carefully? He wrote:

> I didn't know how to write a for loop


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