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I don't necessarily subscribe to your viewpoint, but upvoted you anyway.

Downvotes makes sense for pure flamebait or trolling.

But carpet-bombing somebody with whom I don't agree for the sake of disagreement alone is just sad.

HN has become Reddit in that regard, even though they obviously tried to be different by enabling downvoting only for accounts with high karma, and disabling downvotes on a comment after 1~ day, but now they're shying away from discussion on this system.

It's easy to farm karma; just jump on the "winning" bandwagon during any polarizing discussions (usually politics, FAAMNG royal rumbles or PC vs. Mac)

Too many accounts have enough karma to downvote now, and too many perfectly valid comments being grayed out.

Maybe add another criteria like needing to be active in the last week and getting at least N new karma recently?

Oh code breathes with the vitality of eternal experience man, it's just a bunch of neophytes are ruining it for everyone, it'll take millennia until we're at the level of Dune but every road of mastery is truly the same road

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