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Your Earthly remains will be disposed of, that's your funeral, the form of yours may differ to others.

May I ask why you'll "never go to one", and perhaps how old you are?

I'm 35. Just not interested.

Don't have a big family and the ones that are alive live far away. I'm not going to waste my time to travel for a funeral. Not many friends either to be honest.

And as for myself, I don't think having the crematorium dispose of my cremains counts as a funeral but whatever.

I've not suffered much in terms of death of loved ones, I'm not much older than you, but you'd probably be surprised by who will miss you: a funeral is for those left behind and in my experience (which is like I said limited) is a help to coping with grief. A funeral just needs to be a chance for people to remember, talk, share.

I don’t think I’ll be surprised at all. I’ll be dead.

The ones of people who I care about are aware of what I want. I have a chronic and incurable disease where sudden death isn’t that unlikely. I’ve come close once and I don’t remember being scared and it didn’t hurt. Just a thing that happened.

Nobody should be surprised by it at this point. Accept that it might happen and if it doesn’t something else will get me in the end.

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