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> Proper denim jeans are quite hard to mend though even if you know what you're doing, especially if you've worn through/blown out the inner thigh region. Wherever you've sewn will become a new point of stress on the denim and it is likely to just pull away the weave of the fabric from that point.

This happens to every pair of mine, and is always the reason I am forced to retire them. Do you think it'll help if I reinforced the inside with old denim from another pair?

Now I always wear out the knees.

Perhaps we could set up an exchange where we swap jeans for 'wear levelling'.

Should do, if it's stitched down properly. Have a look at Levi 511 "commuter" to see how it's done, basically two extra triangles of fabric.

this is known as a "gusset"

outlier pants also have this feature, makes biking or just walking around a breeze

My jeans always unravel in the groin, in the fabric just next to the seam. I was thinking it was because of bicycling, but it still happens (though at a lower rate) even though I no longer bicycle to work.

Maybe I man-spread too much? :-)

I would love some advice on how to deal with this, since I'm tired of shelling out $100+ for jeans several times a year.

Are they maybe a little too large and the denim on the thighs get in contact with the other thigh? Or do you ride bicycle and wear them against the saddle?

Check out sachiko stitching! There are many guides online.


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