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> everyone is heading to a funeral. Like they got tired of carrying their soul [...]

I did manage to move the not so nice thoughts to the end of the train. Now if I could just learn to stop writing/talking/thinking(?) before we get there the world would be a happier place.

That line was poetry, and made me smile. :-)

FWIW here in SF you're on the money: everyone used to dress in motley and calico but these days it's all greys and blacks. I was at the farmer's market behind Stonestown the other day and everyone was in grey and black.

The cars too. My mom has this habit of calling out the colors of cars and she's been pointing it out for a few years now. Cars used to be colorful and now they're drab.

Video games used to be dark or brown and gritty. Now they are pushing colour a lot. Seems out escapism is the inversion of our real life products

I doubt anybody thinks you’re really being macabre, purposely or otherwise. It’s sort of accidental poetry.

If I was I would wear a pink shirt with 10X on the front and RTFM on the back.

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