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I get what the article is getting at, its lovely for what it is trying to do.

my take: Cloths are what people you meet look at. They create a mood in the spectator and leave an impression of who you are. First you have to figure out who you are, who you use to be and who you want to become. Who are the people you meet? they use to be what? who do you want them to be? After doing that you pick cloths that compliment the becoming part without flying to far from who you/they are.

Try wearing a kilt or a lederhose and watch the world around you change.

If you look at today's fashion its like everyone is heading to a funeral. Like they got tired of carrying their soul around then forget where they left it.

Is everyone not heading to a funeral? ;)

Not me! I’ll never go to one and have it in my will that there won’t be one when I pass.

Your Earthly remains will be disposed of, that's your funeral, the form of yours may differ to others.

May I ask why you'll "never go to one", and perhaps how old you are?

I'm 35. Just not interested.

Don't have a big family and the ones that are alive live far away. I'm not going to waste my time to travel for a funeral. Not many friends either to be honest.

And as for myself, I don't think having the crematorium dispose of my cremains counts as a funeral but whatever.

I've not suffered much in terms of death of loved ones, I'm not much older than you, but you'd probably be surprised by who will miss you: a funeral is for those left behind and in my experience (which is like I said limited) is a help to coping with grief. A funeral just needs to be a chance for people to remember, talk, share.

I don’t think I’ll be surprised at all. I’ll be dead.

The ones of people who I care about are aware of what I want. I have a chronic and incurable disease where sudden death isn’t that unlikely. I’ve come close once and I don’t remember being scared and it didn’t hurt. Just a thing that happened.

Nobody should be surprised by it at this point. Accept that it might happen and if it doesn’t something else will get me in the end.

Depends on your time frames!

> Try wearing a kilt or a lederhose and watch the world around you change.

> If you look at today's fashion its like everyone is heading to a funeral. Like they got tired of carrying their soul around then forget where they left it.

The fun thing I noticed once I moved away from purely function to wearing fun things, is the number of people who somewhat secretely wished they could also wear fun things but have felt that they would miss out on required societal approval. And yet the reality is the opposite, based on the feedback I've gotten.

"a lederhose"

Would it not still be lederhosen? Like trousers and not trouser.

Although there is a place called Lederhose, so my etymology might be wrong, but Google isnt giving any trouser based results for Lederhose.

Disclaimer, my German is nearly non existent.

„Lederhose“ is correct in German. „Lederhosen“ is just the plural.

If using the word in English texts “lederhosen” is in a sense correct, though, also when only referring to a single one. This is a case where the loan word was slightly adopted, no doubt to bring it more into line with the convention in the English language of using plural for trousers.

That convention doesn’t exist in German, except when using English loan words („Jeans“, „Shorts“, „Boxershorts“).

Ok thanks.

BTW the plural comes from each 'trouser' originally being separate and held at the waist with a belt, like chaps.

I know – I think every English teacher is obligated to mention this fact when teaching English and teaching you wardrobe-related vocabulary.

no "lederhose" is correct, "lederhosen" would mean at least two of them. German doesn't share the peculiar feature of English where you refer to a thing in plural if it is made to contain two legs.

Now for the fun part, lederhosen are mostly a Bavarian thing and AFAIK in Bavarian you'd say lederhos'n. This is still however the singular form. So it is still this lederhos'n vs. these trousers.

Disclaimer, my Bavarian is nearly non existent.

> everyone is heading to a funeral. Like they got tired of carrying their soul [...]

I did manage to move the not so nice thoughts to the end of the train. Now if I could just learn to stop writing/talking/thinking(?) before we get there the world would be a happier place.

That line was poetry, and made me smile. :-)

FWIW here in SF you're on the money: everyone used to dress in motley and calico but these days it's all greys and blacks. I was at the farmer's market behind Stonestown the other day and everyone was in grey and black.

The cars too. My mom has this habit of calling out the colors of cars and she's been pointing it out for a few years now. Cars used to be colorful and now they're drab.

Video games used to be dark or brown and gritty. Now they are pushing colour a lot. Seems out escapism is the inversion of our real life products

I doubt anybody thinks you’re really being macabre, purposely or otherwise. It’s sort of accidental poetry.

If I was I would wear a pink shirt with 10X on the front and RTFM on the back.

I thought this growing up. My favorite clothes were all chosen for function over fashion. Took me some years to accept fashion as an important function. Now I think like you.

static vs dynamic function

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