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I'm not a connoisseur of fine clothes but I have noticed that out of cheap places to buy clothes Costco seems to have a consistently high hit rate of good value for money, at least in men's clothes. They seem to curate their clothes suppliers pretty well.

That's the business model of Costco across all departments, they don't offer much selection but everything in the store has a local maxima of value for the money.

Costco gets you the best deal, Walmart and the dollar stores only sell garbage at the lowest possible cost, Amazon sells literally everything and has converted over the years from having the best deals to having the fastest logistics, and then there's whatever niche specialist suppliers are left like digikey for electronics parts etc.

As far as "cheap, durable" clothes go I have been shocked by the decent quality of certain clothes that Old Navy has been putting out. Specifically their activewear that is made from synthetic blends.

Old Navy's clothing has typically been disposable trash. And most of it still is - generally anything they make out of cotton.

But their Old Navy Active line, specifically their "Breathe ON" fabric, is pretty durable and has really kept me cool throughout this crazy hot summer. They also sell tall and extended sizes which I appreciate. Tall sizes are typically so hard to find. These are not heirloom clothing items, but they've shown little wear over several summers.

This is functional clothing, not anything particularly fashionable. And lest this seem like an viral marketing post, let me restate that most of their lineup is still trash.

Something positive _has_ happened with Old Navy's quality. I'm the parent of an active teenage boy and have been buying a lot of pants because he's either grown out of them or shredded them beyond patching (seriously, he tore the waistband off a pair climbing-- and probably falling from-- something). Old Navy has gone from disposable to middling quality while Gap and Banana Republic have declined[1]. While I'm on this, the Carhartt sold in big sporting goods stores isn't the same as what's sold in hardware stores, farm stores, and the like. Also, the random brands of pants at Tractor Supply wear harder than their price would suggest. Don't get me started on footwear.


[1] I use one of their credit cards to pay for things and the rewards mean I can buy some of this stuff for cost of shipping or less.

Also uniqlo has been a hit for me on plain t shirts. Quality has been top notch

But the fit is poor for men. They rarely stock small or 30” waist, or stock too few. They’re great for the middle aged dad look but weak otherwise.

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