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Rails 3 Cheat Sheets from Envy Labs (envylabs.com)
145 points by ludicast on Dec 29, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Envy Labs has really been a model citizen in the Ruby community. With the release of Zombie for Rails, the podcasts/videos/blogposts, and now the cheat sheets. Kudos to them. I hope to see more and more dev shops following in their footsteps.

Envy Labs is doing awesome things. They are also a frequent sponsor for Central FL's (sporadic) tech events. See: MagicRuby, OrlandoBarCamp, etc.

Cheat sheets in general are pretty awesome. I, for one, have five or six of them plastered all around my desk at work, for easy access. vi shortcuts, CIDR notation, TCP/IP stack... things that I need to access frequently are most easily read from a simple cheat sheet.

This one's going up for sure!

This is perfect for what I need, you guys are awesome. Love what you're doing with Zombie for Rails too.

Very well done, thanks guys. It helped me with an issue I was having.

This is absolutely fantastic. Does anyone know of anything as high quality for Django?

As much as I love cheatsheets, I've often wondered what the motivation is for someone to produce one - especially one of such high quality as these.

Is it simply the name brand promotion that it generates?

if it's useful internally, then I can't think of a better form of branding than tidying up the formatting, slapping a logo on the bottom and knowing that it's going to be downloaded and referred to by the people most likely to require your specialised services. For that matter I was planning on tidying up and releasing the ones I created for myself to learn the framework at some point, and I have no desire whatsoever to sell my services as a programmer (nor should any sane person want to hire me).

I have to wonder what the motivation for releasing it as a 10MB(!) pdf was though.

Every pixel is sacred! – the designer

You know the sort. I'm currently de-flashing a website where google can only see the <title> tag. Everything else is an image or a flash, and even the flash when torn apart is mostly pictures of text and individually placed characters… but it remains true to the designer's vision. A pity no one ever sees it because it is unsearchable.

(It also would have been nice if the flash artiste had delivered the source files, but then I suppose he was afraid someone would sully his masterpiece.)

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