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Although I dont agree what you said but I understand where it comes from.having said that, is worth pointing out, in East Asian Society, gangs have a much more complicated face than in west. there has been a culture of gang in Easter Asia, actually, nearly every modern party functioning in Japan, China and Korea has a gang root. China republican party relied on Shanghai gangs to maintain resistance under Japanese occupation. Japanese Yamaguchi-gumi is a crucial local power to maintain rules and help with social crisis. yes, they do bad things,really bad things. but Gangs in East Asia is not only about bad things. they sometime act like a rule keeper. like in the heartbroken earthquake in Japan in 2011, local gangs are required to help with injured and transporting supplies etc, they have their own ways doing things.police sometimes have some kind of agreements with local gangs´╝Ürestraint your people, help us when we need, and we keep one eye closed for your business.

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