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(I work at OpenAI.)

> It could be doled out over the course of a decade or more.

The NYT article is misleading here. We'll definitely spend the $1B within 5 years, and maybe much faster.

We certainly do plan to be a big Azure customer though!

>>"We certainly do plan to be a big Azure customer though!"

That's great, one question where can I use GYM or universe in the cloud with the render() option.

I've spend many hours trying to set up the environment in cloud [1] without success.

[1]: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40195740/how-to-run-open...

Probably a bit off topic here, I was wondering if you could shade some light on why Elon Musk parted away from OpenAI. On Twitter he said he disagreed on what OpenAI wanted to do. Could you please tell me more on that? It seems what OpenAI is doing is pretty great.

Sam Altman is on record saying that they asked him to leave because he recruited talent from OpenAI for his other companies. Sam seemed quite philosophical about it though and was complimentary to Musk otherwise. It doesn't sound like there was a ton of bad blood there.

Is this the response you are referring to Sam Altman being on record https://openai.com/blog/openai-supporters/ ?

Seems like an entirely reasonable choice. He’s actively commercializing AI and doesn’t want any impression of conflict of interest. Especially as now OpenAI has some clear commercialization plans directly with Microsoft.

From the article:

> The most obvious way to cover costs is to build a product, but that would mean changing our focus. Instead, we intend to license some of our pre-AGI technologies, with Microsoft becoming our preferred partner for commercializing them.

Talent will be the hardest challenge for OpenAI in order to reach their goals.

Will this be $1 billion in cash, or in Azure credits?

Cash investment, pointed out elsewhere in the thread.

Are you planning to open offices in Europe? Paris and London are hosting better and better AI ecosystems.

Greetings! I have some questions!

Since you work for OpenAi, are you looking at actual brain processes at all? I read the article and understand you guys will be a big customer with Azure, I wonder if you guys will be conducting some brain research though. I believe for AGI to happen we need to understand the brain.

I work with Cerebral Organoids, Consciousness studies, physics (quantum),

Love to share / connect, we are currently launching the Cerebral Organoids into space today! SpaceX rocket, 6pm EST, there are some thunderstorms so we're hoping there aren't any further delays. DM me?


Space launch has been moved to tomorrow 6pm EST;

How does the funding structure, employee comp / incentives, and licensing compare to Deepmind?

> (I work at OpenAI.)

Can you do an AI CTF like the Stripe distributed systems CTF sometime?

We should build one ourselves, actually. That's a terrific idea.

Thanks for the clarification gdb!

excited about the announcement.

Gosh, its going to be so interesting to see a fabric of AI exist over the next decades across various cloud infra...

Will they fight?

Azure AI layers and say private company AIs like FBs (Ono Sendai), GCP, AWS, etc... where these AIs start learning how to protect themselves from attack....

Obv it super trivial for API mods to the FW/Access rules in all these systems... so it will be trvial for them to start shutting down access (we have had this for decades, but it will be interesting to see it at scale.)

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