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you need to know the whole chain of events to understand what happened at Yuen Long last night. also you need to know the unique identity of Yuen Long in order to comprehend the situation. Yuen Long is a village of people from several big family names, they are all relatives in a way. have their own system and rules and really hate outsiders telling them what to do. in history, they fought with British, fought with Japanese, with government, HK government and Police then realize the best way is to allowing local'daddies'to run local affairs with minimum intervene,except serious crimes like rape, murders, drugs etc. Protesters dont get this, last week, they entered Yuen Long enforcing 'democracy', got told off and kicked out. Local warned, they dont want protesters in their area, if they come back ,YL locals will teach them a lesson about not to invade into others' community. but protesters took it as a challenge to their righteousness and claim they will 'liberal' Yuen Long. Locals got super irritated and with gang history of this area, they are not afraid of confronting with anyone,violently or not. so, they did it as they have always done when outsiders disrespect them. local police did not stand by protesters. but take what happened during last few weeks, like an officer got a finger bitten off but then was criticized 'excessive violence'etc. of course police have their own emotions, they are human beings after all, not robots. anyway, this is a tragic situation which is inevitable to happen , not after so many weeks of tolerance of violence and breaking law. the protesters once shouted at police asking them to disappear. and police disappeared. you call for lawlessness, then you have to live with lawlessness. you dont want to get punished by beating others, then you have to live with being beaten without anyone punished.

So basically it's ok for the Police to leave an area they were pre-warned will become violent because that district is controlled by thugs and criminals who can basically do what they want?

I think you have a distorted view of what the role of Police is in a society.

Authorities are simply leveraging "thugs and criminals" as a force multiplier.

Although I dont agree what you said but I understand where it comes from.having said that, is worth pointing out, in East Asian Society, gangs have a much more complicated face than in west. there has been a culture of gang in Easter Asia, actually, nearly every modern party functioning in Japan, China and Korea has a gang root. China republican party relied on Shanghai gangs to maintain resistance under Japanese occupation. Japanese Yamaguchi-gumi is a crucial local power to maintain rules and help with social crisis. yes, they do bad things,really bad things. but Gangs in East Asia is not only about bad things. they sometime act like a rule keeper. like in the heartbroken earthquake in Japan in 2011, local gangs are required to help with injured and transporting supplies etc, they have their own ways doing things.police sometimes have some kind of agreements with local gangs´╝Ürestraint your people, help us when we need, and we keep one eye closed for your business.

no, i dont mean that. i just want to highlight the complexity of the situation. police are human, do you agree? it is nor right , not professional, but after being cast as 'public enemy', after private info being disclosed, kids being bullied, families being threatened, they will have reaction. this is reality. we are not living in theories.

Police using gangs to suppress dissidents is not complicated.

It's authoritarian, deplorable, contrary to the common good of the people and in every way wretched.

With that said considering the current movement and public enablement of the PRC and Winnie the Pooh's iron fist, nothing you've said or what we have seen in Hong Kong is a surprise. Never the less, the entire situation is an incredible backwards step for common kind.

Admittedly I left HK 20 years ago, but even then Yuen Long had not been "a village of people from several big family" long before I left. They do have stronger mainland tie, but I see that as mainly because the cost of living is lower in that region and so attract more immigrants (just like Chinatown in Western countries).

I don't doubt that the situation is complex, but lets get the facts straight.

Is the population of the New Territories North region less sympathetic with the pro-democracy protesters than Hong Kong Island and Kowloon?

They appear to have commercial ties to Shenzhen across the border. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015_Yuen_Long_protest

Yes, but not Shenzhen, I would say , most of them are of a same ethnic called 'Ke Jia', which take a big proportion of population in Cantonese and Fujian area, and Taiwan. they formed a very tight connection as one whole rural community, no matter where they live. they remain like that for over a thousand years. that is their tradition.when i said tight, it means if you were a kejia, you could seek help in UK or US etc from local Kejia gangs, they dont need to know who you are, as long as you are Kejia. so Living in different area will not soften their identity. let alone in HK, where is an important habitat for them.

>Local warned, they dont want protesters in their area, if they come back ,YL locals will teach them a lesson about not to invade into others' community. but protesters took it as a challenge to their righteousness and claim they will 'liberal' Yuen Long.

That is not what happened. They took it as a challenge after they were beaten up. No one did anything to Yuen Long, and they decide to beat any everyone, from Child to Pregnant Woman on the Western MTR Train.


There are good people on both sides.


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