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This follows protesters' siege of The Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

PS: I'm just stating a fact not endorsing anyone here. The "siege" of CCP office is a very bad move. They are hurting the face of the mainland, provided excuses and received the ruthless response this political machine was designed to do.

No, you did not state fact. The protest at the Liaison Office and the Yuen Long terrorist attack happened at the same time. The Yuen Long attack is also now shown (via various news outlet) to be planned well ahead (as early as 7/20 if not earlier.)


The siege happened yesterday, and Chinese mouthpieces and websites are calling it a blatant provocation on sovereignty by thugs.

Why does it matter what the Chinese mouthpieces say? They will always find a reason when they want to fuck someone up.

That looks like a high horse? The consequences will not be borne by you but by the HK public, and when that hurt their daily lives you better wish they won't change their mind.

Also, you don't care what they say but there are 1.4 billion people that do, and lies will become truth.

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