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>Who resolves "shahinsorkh.ir" for your browser? DNS lookup says and that is in California, United States, and not Iran.

because it's cloudflare

Exactly. And that is where the trail stops. that ".ir" is worth precisely zip as far as verifiable facts are concerned.

This guy has his full name and his employer on his blog. His employer, "Douran Group"[1], lists Iranian banks, Ministry of Agriculture of Iran, Ministry of Broadcasting of Iran, the Postal Service of Iran, and even a "Islamic Conference" as their clients.

"TOR", "VOA", "Facebook", "Israeli" platforms, and "starving" Iranians, and "elite" entirely unaware of the condition of the populace.

[1]: https://douran.com/fa-IR/Dourtal/1/page/%D8%B5%D9%81%D8%AD%D...

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