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Seems like it could be dangerous just to blog about these activities if you live in Iran?

In Iran people openly talk of their disdain of the government, sometimes very publicly even. It's only when you become an active political activist that things might go awry.

The same can't be said of China; People here self-censor even in personal conversations.

That's what I was wondering, it seems like a public admission of breaking the local laws ( as corrupt as those laws are.. ).

Is it illegal to bypass blocking in Iran? I know in some countries it's legal to bypass such blocks if you can, even if a government tries to block proxying as well.

In Russia there is no punishment for bypassing blocking. But if you publish information about bypassing or proxy server addresses, your site will be blocked too (but no punishment for you personally).

The same is generally true in Iran based on my experience.

It technically is, but such a huge number of people use vpns. I know 14 year old children who use commercial VPNs to watch YouTube.

Looks like his blog with GitHub pages have been restricted bu GitHub.

Unless you are not in Iran and this is propaganda.

I am not a fan of IRI by any stretch but that post does not pass the smell test. And last I checked -- I have relatives in Iran -- no one is "starving".

As for Iran's government not wanting its citizens spilling their daily beans on an Israeli platform, that's pretty sensible. (Would Israel permit its citizens to chat away on platforms from Iran?)

How difficult is it to redirect to a server outside of Iran?

Who resolves "shahinsorkh.ir" for your browser? DNS lookup says and that is in California, United States, and not Iran.

"Let's go invade Iran so Iranians can access Facebook and not starve!!!"

>Who resolves "shahinsorkh.ir" for your browser? DNS lookup says and that is in California, United States, and not Iran.

because it's cloudflare

Exactly. And that is where the trail stops. that ".ir" is worth precisely zip as far as verifiable facts are concerned.

This guy has his full name and his employer on his blog. His employer, "Douran Group"[1], lists Iranian banks, Ministry of Agriculture of Iran, Ministry of Broadcasting of Iran, the Postal Service of Iran, and even a "Islamic Conference" as their clients.

"TOR", "VOA", "Facebook", "Israeli" platforms, and "starving" Iranians, and "elite" entirely unaware of the condition of the populace.

[1]: https://douran.com/fa-IR/Dourtal/1/page/%D8%B5%D9%81%D8%AD%D...

Your relatives are not entirely honest with you. Of course they might not be starving and people might have enough food, but they are having less access to medicines and other necessities.

I did not comment on medicine. So there is no "starvation".

> "not entirely honest"

You are possibly projecting your own family's character. Kindly refrain from discussing matters regarding which you have zero insight. Tashakor.

”And last I checked -- I have relatives in Iran -- no one is "starving".”

You basically shared anecdotal evidence from your relatives. Which means you’re cherry-picking and opening yourself up for critique of that comment.

Grow a thicker skin. Tashakor.

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