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There's already Glassdoor (although it has become quite spammy - like LinkedIn before Microsoft bought it).

Glassdoor, Yelp etc are all games by reputation management companies and HR departments. It's also in the best interest of Glassdoor and Yelp to allow businesses to remove unsatisfactory reviews, which Yelp already does.

Do you have evidence? I've written a number of unsatisfactory reviews on Yelp and they seem like they're still there.


I know of some HR people who faked some reviews on Glassdoor. They were mostly trying to remedy lack of reviews or counteract a few bad reviews. Both said they would remove the fake reviews when the situation improved by itself.

these are full of fake reviews- i mean a legit background check like criminal background , social/political views ...etc. similar to the suitability check done on employees

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