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It is theft of services. Ironical in this website since ycombinator companies are mostly about selling services via the Internet.

Well, the flip side is that Y Combinator has no qualms about funding companies whose business model relies on ignoring laws that are inconvenient.

Here are two different YC startups that relied on tourists smuggling goods to avoid import duties:



You will be happy to know the send it on "airplane as luggage with passengers" business models are now seen as failures by most Silicon Valley investors as well as some YC partners. It's been 5 years and there were many of these companies - the investors got burned

How do I know? I run a YC funded company that legally imports :)

I'm a bit flabberghasted that so many commenters in this thread are apparently in favor of committing blatant theft.

This feels more like a complicated version of telling the world some grocery store entered store brand canned sardines wrong in their system and they'll ring up as $0.

Sure, they're free, for now, but do you really want all those canned sardines?

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