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I did this as well using Orbot (Tor software for Android) and an OBFS4 proxy.

In Southwest (the airline), you connect to the wifi for watching the movie and where you are in air. But if you want internet, you pay.

I have some of my applications always Torified on my phone. I opened my 3d printer app to view its status, expecting a hard fail. And... it loaded!

Genuine question here - isn't Tor traffic reputed for having a certain "footprint"? I would be worried about accessing the Tor network over public WiFi, but maybe that's just me.

Standard Tor, sure.

But when you start using pluggable transports, like Obfs4, you can defeat pretty much every captive portal or traffic analyzer. I'm sure there might be a way to detect even these. But remember that the real test of detection is the GFoC.

Some piddly airline's offering of pay internet is not going to use nation-state level detection schemes.

I find that iMessage always works on my flights with United. No images though. I was surprised since the cell was off and it remembered the Wi-Fi but messages came through.

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