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I run Chromium with --user-data-dir, the current directory, and the environment variables HOME and XDG_CACHE_HOME all set to directories within a tmpfs (/tmp).

It is better than "Incognito mode".


Wonder if it's possible to make something like that on Windows

Chrome does have guest profiles: Click your user icon, and there'll be an "Open Guest Window" button.

> "You’re browsing as a Guest"

> "Pages you view in this window won’t appear in the browser history and they won’t leave other traces, like cookies, on the computer after you close all open Guest windows. Any files you download will be preserved, however."

It's kind of like Incognito, except none of your preferences or extensions are there, either, it's just an entirely new profile that self-destructs when you close it.

The OP's detector considers a guest profile not to be Incognito mode.

please do realize that using chrome, even in incognito mode, everything you do is sent to google.

Re your question: I use Firefox with 1st party cookies only (and the other associated privacy options) and it works pretty good. Some WebApps break, but very rarely.

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