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Esc is often a half height key and is placed in the Function key row. This is quite a stretch if you are touch typing and want to hit Esc while still keeping your index finger on the F key. But you have the same problem with Ctrl. It's sometimes placed under the left shift key, which is a really awkward pinky reach (I think Mac keyboards have the Command key in a slightly better place, but I haven't used a Mac keyboard extensively, so I'm not sure). For me, since I have a Japanese keyboard with a short space bar and an extra key on either side of it, I make the extra key on the left a Tab key, which I hit with my thumb. Then I make the Caps Lock a control key (to match the old place it used to be) and the Tab key becomes the Esc key. The nice thing about that is that it's usually oversized so easy to hit. It's also an easy reach.

But sometimes I hit the real Esc key out of habit :-)

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