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Do yourself a favor and figure out how to bind caps lock to press for escape, hold for control. I use a programmable keyboard (web search for QMK if you're interested) but there are software options too. You'll never look back and you'll be baffled how you ever lived without it.

i have ctrl-shift-command-option+hjkl mapped to the arrow keys in any app.(works in tandem with the next config so it's just the press of the caps lock key)

caps+(any other key) mapped to ctrl-shift-command-option+that key(useful to bind to extra shortcuts in an app).

a single just caps lock press alone bound to escape.

and finally right shift + caps lock is bound to toggle caps lock on and off.

works pretty well for me for a long while now.

karabiner elements on macos lets you do all that with "complex modifications" though the config is a bit dumb to do manually as they expect you to download configs from the web.

On Linux you can use the awesome xcape for this

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