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Meaning Rust is being used in the Android OS itself, so this isn't about app developers?

Correct. But nothing stops you from using rust today as an app developer. See https://docs.rs/crate/cargo-ndk/0.2.0

Does anyone here have experience on using Rust for shared business logic between Android and iOS? It's something I'm considering but it seems there isn't a lot of documentation around it.

For iOS, you create C FFI bindings for your lib. Then you conpile a universal binary with cargo-lipo and use it from Swift like a C library.

For Android you write JNI bindings with something like rust-jni.

So yes, you have to write bindings twice. For an example project check out https://github.com/dbrgn/candidateparser and https://www.reddit.com/r/rust/comments/7aam04/meetup_slides_...

Yes, we're sharing Rust code through Kotlin on Android and Swift on iOS. https://github.com/mozilla/application-services/tree/master/...

Currently you could use kotlin/native for such effort.

the game "A Snakes Tale" was released on IOS and Android simultaneously, 100% Rust. The author is on twitter might have useful info for you.

Rust aside, this is a well done little puzzle game and worth the few bucks. It's on Steam, also.

We don't know what it's for. It might be used in a sample app.

But it's not something ordinary Android developers need to pay attention to.

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