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Pretty wild how many tools are required to get a hermetic Android build:


edit: this just means that Android developers can now include Rust-language components in Android itself.

I don't think these are all necessarily required. At least I would be very very surprised if both avr-libc, mingw, and go were needed.

It's been something like 3 years since I've worked in AOSP but IIRC mingw is for windows builds of adb. Someone else called out that AVR stuff is for ADK. The Android build tree is more than Android itself. It also builds includes a lot of the supporting tools and libraries for developers.

For avr-libc, probably this: http://tool.oschina.net/uploads/apidocs/android/guide/topics...

Unsure about mingw/go, but they are likely deps for some Android ecosystem project.

Looks like go is mostly used in a graphics package (platform_external_skia):


FWIW things may not actually be used anymore, doesn't mean the repo is ever taken down. Usually the manifests that sync these repo's simply "unhook" the repos when they're no longer in use. OP is excited that there's a bunch of links, but that's not the correct measure of "in use."

For comparison, how many tools are needed to build desktop Linux, say, Ubuntu?

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