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I am the author of the PHP Debug and IntelliSense extensions, awesome to see this get publicity on HN (aside from the Devsense fiasco https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18538432, lol)! If you're passionate about PHP in VS Code and are missing some feature or see some bug, please don't be afraid to jump into the code and do a PR! I've built them as a community project from the start, with as many comments as possible and (the language server) intentionally written in PHP so PHP devs can contribute. I actually don't get to write any PHP anymore nowadays, but I am always happy to review PRs!

Hello :-) Pleased to see that you appreciated my article and thanks for your great work on PHP debug for VS Code! I will do a PR with pleasure if the opportunity arises ;) Feel free to retweet my article btw ^^ https://twitter.com/lm_michelin/status/1152182328086732800

So are your IntelliSense extension and the PHP Intelephense extension competing solutions? Why? Isn't there a way to join forces?

And I have to say that I've had better experiences with the latter. Also "last commit: 14.11.2018" on IntelliSense doesn't sound that great.

They are fundamentally different - my language server is implemented in PHP so it can build on existing PHP parsers and PHP devs can contribute to it. Intelephense is written in TypeScript. They are two different approaches and both can coexist.

You can bump that date (and your experience), by making a pull request which I will happily review ;)

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