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I’ve put open source between quotes because having a near monopoly company back it makes it feel like a product sold at a dumping price only to increase the company’s brand popularity, so they can cross sell other products. Given Microsoft’s size it can afford “selling” a product for free and open source for as long as it takes to monopolise that niche. I feel the same about google, facebook, and others. I dont feel the same about red hat (pre ibm) or canonical. It’s quite ok to monetise on open source, but not to use it to monopolise yet another niche.

What I want to support is open source projects built by genuinely independent communities or individuals. Also i support high quality paid ides such as those developed by jetbrains. As devs many of us want to be indies, but we dont want to pay for software - a bit of a catch 22.

The issue i have with large companies doing open source is that they use the movement as a marketing tool, and kill indie developers or small companies and truly independent communities, while their core products are still closed source and cross sold thanks to free bait.

If you were here, I'd buy you a beer.

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