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Anyone knows why text looks so blurry?

Where are the docs for CanvasKit?

> Anyone knows why text looks so blurry?

If you're on desktop it's probably because it's not doing any form of subpixel hinting or AA.

It's both harder to do that in a GL context, and I don't know if there's even any way to get the display's subpixel layout in JS in the first place.

It looks like there is antialiasing, although it's huge. It only happens for text resizing demo though, the text on the star demo looks better.

It should be doing AA but not subpixel AA (aka, it's not going to match cleartype). Those are 2 different things.

I'm guessing @pier25 is viewing on a retina (2X pixel density) screen. All the demos are rendered using 1X canvases, so they appear blurry on retina (the default is bicubic interp).

Yep, I'm on retina. But the vector shapes and the text on the star demo look better than the text shape demo.

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