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It's less than 50KB Gzipped, not bad at all.


I don't think that's accurate at all. Watching Chrome's network profiler it's pulling down 2.5MB .wasm for the star fiddle: https://jsfiddle.skia.org/canvaskit/ea89749ae8c90bce807ea2e7...

50KB Gzipped seems like it's just the wrapped JS code, not the .wasm code.

The NPM package doesn't list any dependencies:


I'm not saying you are wrong, but if the NPM package needed more stuff it would be in the package.json, no?

I'm more saying bundlephobia.com is wrong in that it doesn't appear to be including .wasm files at all.

If you just do an npm install of canvaskit-wasm you'll find a 6.4M canvaskit.wasm file. That'd have to be some insane gzip magic to bring that down to 50Kb.

If I gzip the entire canvaskit module (including the font files) I'm getting a size of 3.4M. If I just gzip the .wasm file I get a size of 2.4M.

Thanks for checking that out. You are right of course.

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