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I've tried VS Code multiple times. Without prejudice. Really want to make it my primary editor.

After persisting with it for over a week, I had to revert back to Sublime. The typing experience of native is still just so much better.

Do you have a decent GPU? Because electron is GPU accelerated and probably would make a difference. I have heard complaints from people with integrated graphics not getting a smooth experience.

I'm very sensitive to issues like that and I find it buttery smooth. Though I am running it on a rather highly performance system.

sign of the times: you need a good GPU to edit text

Makes sense if you want to edit colorful text in a gui wrapper.

Electron does weird stuff... I never liked these in the end...

I'm on the latest MacBook Pro. Hardware isn't the problem. It might be some plugin but I'm a minimalist when it comes to editor plugins.

The specific issue that became my last straw was automatic insertions of return char. I think linked to the intellisense plugin. But I just lost patience and went back to a reliable text editor.

Ah, so this is why VSCode runs fine on my desktop, but chugs on my otherwise decent Thinkpad? I've been using Sublime on my laptop for this reason, but do miss the advanced features of VSCode.

Runs just fine on my very underpowered Thinkpad. Although slightly faster on Linux than win10.

Remember, vscode extensions are written by third parties and not always very well-written.

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