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Would be terrible if a browser decides to "optimize" the Wasm and upon detection of code that it has natively, directly runs the native version and completely bypasses any security benefits. (If you work on Skia and are reading this, please DON'T compromise on security. We already have too many vulnerabilities on the hardware level thanks to relentless optimizations that was not or unable to be proved correct.)

No browser would ever do this. It's a pain in the ass to do to begin with but it's also an absurdly complex optimization for a specific use case that would barely pay off in practice. It wouldn't work unless you were shipping the same version of skia as the embedded application and you'd have to do all sorts of weird stuff to make the ABIs match up (the native C/C++ ABI is not the same as the one wasm uses at runtime)

Knowing Google, they might be willing to go through the effort so that Skia sites only work in Chrome.

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