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With the amount of value that I get out of IntellJ Ultimate considering I use it for every language I use (Java/PHP/Go/JS literally whatever) I am VERY happy to throw them $89/year (you get discounts for consecutive years, first year would be $149). That really feels like nothing and it's definitely well deserved.

It's $499 a year and comes down to $299 after two years, much more expensive now - https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/buy/#commercial?billing=yearl...

For some use cases the language specific IDEs can be better and getting access to all of them is quite pricey.

That's for organizations. I am talking IntelliJ Ultimate (no Resharper included) for individuals.

I am VERY happy to throw them $89/year

Is that $89/year so you can get updates each year, or does it stop working if you stop paying?

I won't rent software ("SaaS").

Updates. When you pay, you get a perpetual fallback license to that version


If you pay for 1 year you get to keep the minor version from the start of the year. Eg. if you start a 1 year subscription now you will get to keep version 2019.1

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