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Well IntelliJ Community Edition has so much limitations, like Enterprise part is only available in Ultimate.

With the amount of value that I get out of IntellJ Ultimate considering I use it for every language I use (Java/PHP/Go/JS literally whatever) I am VERY happy to throw them $89/year (you get discounts for consecutive years, first year would be $149). That really feels like nothing and it's definitely well deserved.

It's $499 a year and comes down to $299 after two years, much more expensive now - https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/buy/#commercial?billing=yearl...

For some use cases the language specific IDEs can be better and getting access to all of them is quite pricey.

That's for organizations. I am talking IntelliJ Ultimate (no Resharper included) for individuals.

I am VERY happy to throw them $89/year

Is that $89/year so you can get updates each year, or does it stop working if you stop paying?

I won't rent software ("SaaS").

Updates. When you pay, you get a perpetual fallback license to that version


If you pay for 1 year you get to keep the minor version from the start of the year. Eg. if you start a 1 year subscription now you will get to keep version 2019.1

The idea is if we are coding for work and we get paid for it we can sacrifice a few dollars to have professional team work on our tools and support people that are paid to respond to bug reports. The free edition of Visual Studio not Code was also super limited.

I tested VS Code on a side project and even for JS Intellij was better for me

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