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My experience has been the following:

VSCode is far and away the best IDE for typescript. Nothing comes close.

PHPStorm is far better than VSCode for PHP. It is far better at handling imports, it’s debugging is more flexible and makes running individual tests much easier (and debugging them). It has code generation for boilerplate like constructors, getters, and setters. As another commenter mentioned it handles references in doc blocks far better as well.

I can do some PHP programming in VSCode, but am far productive in PHPStorm. It’s the other way around for Typescript though so I run them both all day and have the keyboard shortcuts configured similarly.

> makes running individual tests much easier (and debugging them)

This sort of polish is incredible. I love having it in RubyMine. If I had way more time I'd try to build a VS Code extension to make this work, but I really don't have the time.

Little things like this make an IDE worth paying for.


phpstorm is a work of art

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