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I also think there is a risk that Mozilla if blocks the government certs then that would turn all Firefox users in the country into criminals. I'm all for security and privacy, but it is a rough choice between protecting users from surveillance by their authoritarian government or trying to make sure users can follow local laws.

I don't think that we are there. There are no laws to circumvent the bans and in fact a lot of users are using VPNs. The only measures our government is doing is technical ones: ban websites, install DPI, now they apparently plan to MITM on some (or all) connections. But I've never heard about anyone convinced of circumventing those measures. In fact I'm not aware that any similar law exists.

We could be there one day. But now the fight is purely technical. I'm, personally, going to set up dedicated server on online.net and setup proper and fast VPN for all my relatives and friends. I hope that other people would do the same.

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