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> What is interesting is that some local internet providers in Kazakhstan used to inject their own ads into http websites their users visit.

Several ISPs (including some big national players, not smaller local/struggling/other ISPs) trialled that sort of thing in the UK in the mid/late 00s but there was a big enough ruckus about it that they stopped.

The really egregious thing about what some of them were doing is that they replaced existing ads so were basically trying to take money of the sites (they were at the same time also trying to get sites to pay or be considered "low priority" traffic so were trying to tripple-dip: get paid by their primary consumer, get paid by the sites, and take the sites' ad money).

It doesn't surprise me that it is actively happening in places there is less choice (so "voting with your feet" is not an option for telling ISPs what you think) or public outcry is less effective (or drowned out by more pressing issues the area might have).

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