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That's fair, but the country doing this will just fork an open-source browser and make it their official browser.

Sure. "don't use Kazakhfox, it's malware, we've submitted definitions to the AV databases" isn't a hard sell for your 99%+ audience.

Malware forks of open source projects (and closed-source software!) are not a new problem.

Except they are a new problem when the use of them is mandated by a nation-state.

Which is bad news for the ~15m internet users in Kazakhstan. For the ~4000m internet users not in Kazakhstan & generally immune to their rubber hose attack, protecting them from being one BGP fuckup away from being MITMed by a hostile foreign power is much more important.

Totally separate problem that I agree needs to be fixed.

In reality, being one BGP trick away from a mere dedicated individual or corporate owning certs for your domain is an actual risk today.

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