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I never saw anyone do this. May I ask what the point is? If it's just going to be in your local version and you later have to do (a very small amount of) work to get it back into one commit, why bother committing random stuff intermediately at all?

Ever used a quicksave feature in a video game right before doing something destructive/risky/experimental?

Oh, I use undo in my editor for that kind of thing. But I guess if you want to make large changes, this might be one way of doing it. Pretty sure that's what 'git stash/pop' is supposed to be used for, but I don't use those either so I wouldn't know if that works well.

git stash follows you around, while a temp commit is bound to a branch

I mainly use the staging area for this. Not yet create a commit, but get the diffs out of the way.

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