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This is so bad. I'm from India and at my parents place we have the government run internet provider. They MITM and inject advertisements all the time showing annoying popups whenever you open an http link. I don't know how this is legal even.

> I don't know how this is legal even.

Legality is secondary when you are punching up in a 3rd world country. (I am from India)

I'm in the US and I've caught my ISP doing MITM exploits over http (not https... so far). It's global and regular folks have absolutely no chance of knowing what is going on. Needs to be criminalized for any hope of resolution.

Comcast has even published an informational RFC describing how to inject crap into HTTP requests:


1. Please stop self-generalizing. This only leads to hopelessness, which is unwarrented since there's a huge amount of Internet-related activism in India, even more than the Western countries.

2. Plese stop using the label "Third-world". You are your own "first-world". There's better labels to describe yourself, namely "developing".

Well third world just means the country did not align with the US or USSR during the cold war. Though the concept has kinda changed meaning lately.

> government run

> how this is legal even.

The government writes and enforces the laws. They'll never self incriminate.

This is a false assumption. Governments (executive branch) can be prosecuted for illegal behavior.

Your statement only applies to the subset of countries where there is judicial independence.

Which is true in case of India

The present judiciary in India lacks spine, on one hand they say privacy is fundamental right on other hand they drag their feet to stop the project aadhaar which required collecting biometric dataset on whole population.

And their defense claims US has SSN which is equivalent of Aadhaar why anyone can see ludicrous

And still Aadhar requirement is not removed for filing income tax return (which results in massive penalities)

On paper

Use a VPN and they won't be able to MITM or inject advertisements.

Which provider is this? MTNL or BSNL?

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