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It’s far harder if you have a major tech industry to push back and the whole massive security risk this exposes big corporations to. Which is something Kazakhstan must not have much of.

This is also terrible for foreign investment and attracting business. It also makes foreign intelligence’s job easier.

You’ve got their priorities mixed up. Staying in power is more important than foreign investment if you’re an authoritarian government. What’s the point of growing the economic pie if you’re not in a position to profit from it ?

Now if you’re a politician in a democracy, you know it may be all over in about 8 years, so it’s more your interest to cosy up to the companies

It’s rare for a politician to only work 4yrs at the policy making level. Most of them are career politicians these days or retired wealthy people, not people with regular jobs giving politics a shot. Yet they all seem to be wealthy in the US, even after years of public service, regardless of their overt stance on business politically. Which is something the big firms can always rely on.

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