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As others have already mentioned, it depends on the manager and the company, but I noticed that most tech companies are super lax about it and don't care when and how much you work, as long as you get expected work done, are responsive during a good chunk of the day (i.e., still have a lot of schedule overlap with your teammates, so that they can reach you out for help), and are able to participate in team-related things like code reviews/meetings/etc.

For example, some of my teammates do 8 to 4, some noon to 8, and others do 9 to 1 then go to gym/do chores/whatever, and then 4 to 8. As long as you deliver and communicate well within your schedule, no one cares.

I personally like it, because some days I might not feel good at all in the morning, so I get in late, but then I get a weird burst of energy around 7pm when I get home, so I sit down and end up writing some code.

Keep in mind, this is a double-edged sword, because you might end up working late at night to get some burning feature done or fix a nasty bug blocking the rest of the team.

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