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That would help people who already know what a root cert is, but it's well known that most people ignore any indicator in a URL bar. Even "smart people" ignore them. Do you actually check the lock status of every site you visit?

Most browsers have made the lack of a "lock" quite evident to end users.

If they look and care. The comment you replied to asserts that most people don't. I certainly don't.

If HN didn't have the lock in the url bar (no https), it would have zero impact on my behavior. I had to look just now to even know if there was one.

The goal is to make it evident when there isn't one.

Well, Chrome does make it evident. That wasn't my point. My point, and the point of the comment above, is that it doesn't matter to almost anyone.

If HN still wasn't using https, we'd still be here. Virtually nobody really cares day to day.

So? It matters to those who care about their communication not being spied on / silently modified by third parties. That set isn't empty.

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